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I am at the Medical Assistance Program Oversight Comm. meeting and Rep. Abercrombie just made a speech (on CTN) about how outrageous the MSP cuts to 68,000 plus are and wanting a meeting with DSS, “AARP and whoever else” to “do something about this.”

Separately, I just received this (edited) authoritative report:

Calls needed around MSP

A social worker talked to a state rep. last night, and he said a group of legislators were just beginning to understand the full impact of the MSP cut. And that he has been working with other legislators to see if they could delay the cut until Feb. so they can get back into session and perhaps fix this or reduce the impact. It would be great to get out a call to action asking people to call their legislators and ask them to restore the MSP cut talking about the harm done by this cut-more specific the better- as well as the number of people effected and who these people are. Calls are best but e-mails are fine for people not comfortable doing calls.

But DSS also just announced this morning that the first letters to affected MSP enrollees will go out next week!  So folks getting these letters, the ones most motivated to act, need to be primed to contact their legislators and with what to say to them.  You can tell from the attached chart who will be getting the letters.

Please act on this!



Sheldon V. Toubman
New Haven Legal Assistance Association
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